Single Tree’s Story

After the pandemic of 2020 and working for major restaurant companies for over 25 years, Charlie Eblen (Founder & President) decided to start his own brand. When he was a kid, he remembered going to his grandfather’s farm in Bell Buckle, TN. When you pulled into the farm and looked up at the ridgeline there was one single tree that stood tall above all the others.

Papa George, “The Judge” (his grandfather), named the farm Single Tree Farm. They always worked most of the day, whether that was in the garden, with the cattle or horses, fixing fences, or whatever else needed to be done. But, at the end of the day, they would spend time together by the outdoor fireplace, telling stories and cooking dinner, all while trying to solve the world’s problems.

Through all the years, the lessons learned, and the laughter and love that was had around those dinner tables and fires will always be remembered and cherished. This is where the love of community, food, fire, and family was born.